Are You A Traveler? Find Out Whether You’re One Of These Types Of Travelers

Traveling is a part of people’s lives. There are those who travel more and those who travel less. Some travel for business, others for vacation, while others have made traveling a lifestyle for them and they just never settle in one place for long. Regardless of nature of travel that one does, traveling is all about fun and is worth doing. Did you know that there are different types of travelers?

Yes, it’s a true fact. While we all travel, we do it differently and this places people in different categories when it comes to travel. Let’s have a look at some of these different types of travelers and their characteristics:

  1. The Know-It-All Type Of Travelers

First off are the know-it-all types of travelers. These travelers make a study of everything regarding travel ranging from travel websites and blogs, to travel guidebooks. Such people find solace in consistently asking the tour guide questions and frequently interrupting him with statements such as ‘fact’ every time the guide makes a factual statement they are conversant with.

  1. The Highly Flexible Go-Anywhere Type Of Travelers

This types of travelers need no plan whatsoever on where to travel. Any place can do and everything works for them. Such travelers go with the flow, have no preferences, and are always open to any travel opportunity. They can enjoy any type of travel experience that comes their way.

  1. The Helpless Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers always feel vulnerable and tend to find everything too overwhelming for them. They will ask the most unexpected and less useful questions and will always need someone to travel with them to help them feel protected and safe.

  1. The Complete Budget Type of Travelers

These types of travelers only travel on a well-planned budget and strictly abide by it to the last digit. They cannot veer off the budget no matter how exciting the trip is or in the rise of a new opportunity that is too appealing to turn down. They take no extra drink, buy no extra food, and pay for no extra fun activity. Abiding by the budget is everything for them.

  1. The Methodical Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers don’t participate in any kind of activity that wasn’t planned for in the first place. Every single moment of their travel time has been planned for and if anything is to go contrary to the plan, they fall into despair. They follow the plan, go where the plan says go, do what the plan says do, and stick to the pre-planned timelines.

  1. The Relentless Complainer Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers tend to find everything regarding the travel not fitting to their standards. They claim to be frequent travelers and they tend to speak with an authoritative voice and attitude. They never find anything to be good enough for them on the entire trip. There’s always something to criticize.

  1. The Repeat Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers have the habit of traveling to the same place for their holidays every year. They never seem to find a new travel destination. They always prefer a certain hotel, love a certain beach, prefer a particular tour guide, and they always have a reason to back up their repeated choices.

  1. The Exercising Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers start their day with an aggressive physical workout, book hotels with gyms and swimming pools and are always selective when it comes to food. They eat healthy to maintain their body stature. Travel to them is always a burn calorie and sweat experience.

  1. The Elegant Photographer Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers carry with them expensive camera gear and invest so much of their travel time taking photos. They make poses and focus their cameras on different things that they want to photograph. They capture every moment and have loads of pictures stored in their camera memory. They tend to rise up early in the morning to capture the sunrise.

  1. The Self Discovery Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers use the travel time to try and discover something new about themselves. They’re always trying to find through their travel time and activities what best defines them and what sets them apart from the rest. At times they tend to isolate themselves from the rest and can take up daring activities to prove something to themselves.

  1. The Non-stop Talking Type of Travelers

These types of travelers don’t walk alone. They are always looking for company and always have something in mind to discuss. They are quite interesting to listen to but can sometimes get on your nerves with their excess chitchat.

  1. The Modern Techie Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers travel with the latest types of gadgets and accessories. They know what’s trending in the world of technology and often look flashy and cool while traveling. They know the latest software, have played the latest games, have the latest music downloaded, and make techie jokes.

  1. The Perpetual Party Animal Type Of Travelers

These types of travelers focus only on having fun. They spend their entire travel time parting in bars. They go where nightclubs are, drink their way into a blackout, and are heavy spenders. They often wake up in the morning with a drinking hangover. They are able to discover even the most hidden underground party joints.

Which type of traveler are you? Which category do you fall into? Regardless of which type you are, traveling is meant to be a fun fair full of memorable experiences. The next time you travel, regardless of your travel personality, make the best of each moment.

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