Month: January 2019

The 3 Best Online Travel Booking Sites

International Travel Booking Sites

So you’re ready to book your next adventure, and decide to travel outside your country. How do you pick that exotic destination you have been dreaming of, and is it really what you are going to expect when you get there. Andrew, who does managed it services Brisbane, has found some cracker sites to explore.

Not only are you able to book and plan your trip online, you also want some knowledge about your destination to read about first before hitting that book now button.

These are the 3 best online travel booking sites that can help and guide you through making your decision and ultimately book that next holiday.

1) Flight Centre

Visit and pick your country.

Now you can book almost anything through here from cruises, flights, hotels, tours and holidays. Best of all you can speak with a travel agent via phone, email or live chat.

2) Skyscanner

Visit and click on the currency icon on the top right corner, here you can select your country, language and currency.

This website is a global searching site for millions of options and prices available for your travel plans. Skyscanner will put you in direct contact with the travel agent or airline you have opted to book your travel with. They don’t charge you travellers commission which is good to know.

3) Expedia

Visit scroll to the bottom and select your country from the global site options available.

You can book almost anything through here and they also offer last minute deals. If you travel lots then Expedia Rewards might be a great incentive for you as you can earn up to 2 points for every dollar spent.

Don’t make travel booking harder than what it is, the above 3 online booking sites are the best around and won’t leave you confused.

Happy travelling!

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